Concepts Change the World
Visions Make the Future Possible
We Build Ideas with REAL Intelligence
Over 23 years serving the needs of commerce and national security – we shape the future one project at a time. We listen to your direction and provide options drawn from experience and new insights
We Work with Your Systems to Engineer Results
Requirements derived from facts and analysis provide models based system engineering foundations for concepts that grow into prototypes and emerge as profitable products and services.
Every Project is Unique
Your project is unlike any other.

Rapid advancement creates anxiety and preconceptions – observation and analysis nurtures communication and unrestricted dialog that creates breakthrough technology and new abilities.
Communications,  Aerospace, Materials, Sensors and Electronics
Life extension or disruptive advancement, we have the expertise and organization to accelerate results and put product into the hands of the user.
Small Business or Large
  We’ve worked with over 900 small businesses to grow, market and produce products and services by supplying experience, connections and customers. Our customers include the largest companies in the world as well as solo entrepreneurs.
Concept Development
 Our engineering team covers all areas from systems engineering, electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing and logistics. Our experts provide confident concept development.
Prototype Production
 We produce prototypes and have a network of qualified vendors to provide single to small lot runs of new technologies from semiconductors to land, maritime or aerospace systems.
Contract Manufacturing
 Whether you are an expert or new to production, our staff has skills and capability to help you improve your P/L. 
Government Contracting
We are a nontraditional business working with major national security contracts to benefit progress. Contact us for answers.
Project Lead: Dr. Michael D. Evans
Creator, solver, maker and inventor bringing ideas to products and services and making your products perform profitably. 

Address 450 Bedford St., Lexington, MA 02420 USA
Phone (781) 861-1430